Charter Preference Form

How would you like to sail while sailing on Beaver Lake?
Sail as fast and hard as we can! Bury the rail mates!
Sail as relaxing and smoothly and quietly as possible

How involved to you want to be while sailing on Beaver Lake?
Take a leisurely cruise, get a tan and not lift a finger?
Help a little as crew, maybe take the helm, but mainly relax?
Do all that I can as crew and really learn to sail

Where do you want to sail while on Beaver Lake?
Open water and scenic vistas
See as much of the lake as possible in the time available
Stay close to shore, look for wildlife, waterfalls, etc.
All of it sounds good

What would you like to do while sailing on Beaver Lake?
Sail non-stop
Stop and anchor for a swim
Stop and anchor for lunch or snack? (½ day sail recommended)
Anchor and have supper? [grill available BYO] (½ day sail required)
Explore the islands and shoreline with dinghy? (½ day sail required)

If you would you like Castaway Sailing to provision with soft drinks, please select your preferences below:
Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Sierra Mist
Ginger Ale
Lipton Citrus Green Tea
I would like to bring my own (adult) beverage

Your name, please:
Your cell phone, please:  (111-111-1111)
Your email, please: