Top 5 Soil Testing Meters

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Soil testing meters are essential gardening tools that help you get the best from your garden and plants by ensuring the soil conditions are perfect for your plants. The soil testing meters test different qualities of the soil giving you all the information you may need to get the right pH for your plant. Today, you have no reason why your plants should wither and die while there are many affordable soil testing kits in the market you can use to ensure the right conditions. The ideal testing kit should be accurate, lightweight and made of durable materials. The following are the best soil testing meters available today.

Best 5 Soil Testing Meters

KKmall 3-in-1 Soil Testing Meter

This 3-in-1 KKmall soil testing meter is lightweight and does not require a battery to operate. The kit helps your plants grow healthy and strong by measuring the soil moisture, pH and light levels with highly accurate results. It is also easy to use. You only need to push the meter into the soil to get scientifically accurate readings. With this KKmall soil testing kit, you can know when to adjust pH, change the lighting or even water your plants both indoor and outdoor. The meter comes with three water levels that include red, green and blue as well as the reference chart on the back of the package for a large variety of plants.®-Moisture-acidity-Helpful-Outdoor/dp/B01H1UJ160

MacDoDo 3-in-1 Soil Testing Meter

This three-in-one soil testing kit by MacDoDo is easy to use and read. The unit is highly sensitive to the soil conditions and will provide you with accurate moisture, light levels, and pH reading to ensure your plants grow healthy and strong whether indoors or outdoors. To measure moisture, you should push the switch to the left and insert the probe deeply into the soil up to the root level. Pushing the switch to the center will let you measure the light source while pushing the switch to the right will let you measure the soil pH.

MoonCity 3-in-1 Soil Testing Kit

This 3-in-1 soil testing meter by MoonCity ( )helps you ensure that your plants are growing in their best PH levels, moisture and light conditions. The kit is easy to use and ideal for plants growing indoors and outdoors, gardens and lawns. The unit helps you get the pH right by offering you with three ranges that include dry, nor and alkali. The moisture ranges from dry, nor and wet.

Tinksky Portable 3-in-1 soil meter

With a durable hard plastic and metal material and an easy to read scale indicator, this portable three-in-one soil meter by Tinksky helps eliminate the problem of wilting and brown-leaved specimens by giving you accurate measurements of your soil PH values, moisture, and environment light. You can use this unit to get the conditions right for your potted plants, glass lawns and gardens both indoor and outdoor.

BaiFM Soil Testing Meter

If you are into farming and gardening, this three-in-one BaiFM soil tester is a handy tool that helps make sure that your plants will grow healthy without the common problems of withering especially indoors. With an eight inches probe and a compact, portable design, the kit is useful for pot plants or ground farming both indoor and outdoor. The testing range is color coded from red to green and blue for easy reading.


When buying the right soil testing meter for your needs, it is important to ensure that the unit offers accurate readings. All of the above units have been tested by real users and rates highly in functionality.